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The Curtin Corrosion Centre conducts high-quality research in corrosion and materials related to the petroleum, mining, chemical processing, defence, maritime, automotive, and biomedical industries.

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Areas of expertise

Mechanically Assisted Corrosion

Mechanically assisted corrosion groups the most dangerous and costly forms of corrosion. Enter to discover how the Curtin Corrosion Centre studies corrosion facilitated or initiated by mechanical processes.

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Areas of expertise

Localized Corrosion

Localized corrosion can lead the an extremely fast penetration rate, resulting in leakages and loss of containment. In this page you will discover our research and approaches to mitigate localized corrosion.

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Areas of expertise

Microbiologically influenced Corrosion

Microbiologically influenced corrosion is a truly multidisciplinary field of research. This page describes Curtin Corrosion Centre leading MIC activities.

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Areas of expertise

Acid Gas Corrosion

Dissolved acid gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide can lead to complex corrosion behaviour. In this page, you will learn more about acid gas corrosion research at the Curtin Corrosion Centre.

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Areas of expertise

Corrosion Protection

The Curtin Corrosion Centre conducts state-of-the-art research on corrosion inhibition, coatings, and electrochemical protection. Here you will learn more about corrosion protection and our approach to mitigate corrosion risks.

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Areas of expertise

Atmospheric Corrosion

There is more to it than rust. Atmospheric corrosion is costly and can lead to catastrophic failures. Enter to discover how the Curtin Corrosion Centre helps mitigate the problem.

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Our team

Mariano Iannuzzi - B&W
Mariano Iannuzzi

Professor & Director

Laura Machuca-Suarez - B&W
Laura Machuca Suarez

Associate Professor

Kod Pojtanabuntoeng (B&W)
Kod Pojtanabuntoeng

Senior Lecturer

Katerina Lepkova
Katerina Lepkova

Senior Research Fellow

Andy Viereckl - PNG
Andy Viereckl

Senior Research Officer

Mobin Salasi - B&W
Mobin Salasi

Research Fellow

Varun Ghodkay - B&W
Varun Ghodkay

Engineering Project Manager

Hoda Ehsani - B&W
Hoda Ehsani

Research Officer

Francisco Vouilloz (B&W)
Francisco Vouilloz

Senior Research Officer